The Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme and Paws 2 Think

The Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme, appearing in the early 1990’s with the aim of promoting responsible dog ownership, is now the largest dog training scheme in the UK.

The scheme brings together simple exercises, such as basic obedience, grooming, exercise, diet, cleaning up after the dog and general healthcare. All dogs are eligible to enrol and partake in the scheme, whether they are crossbreed or pedigree, young or old. Constructive and fair training enhances our relationship with our dogs and well behaved and sociable dogs promote positive community awareness of dog ownership.

Late in 2003 Paws2Think gained Listed Dog Club Status with the Kennel Club under Registration Number AB/0173. and has therefore administered the Good Citizens scheme at all levels since then. We enrol on average 80 new members per year with some of these choosing to sign on again for a more advanced course.

In the years before instructing on the Kennel Club scheme, the main trainers at the club ran their own range of training classes, with exercises similar in nature to those of the scheme. Through a long history of dog ownership and these years instructing across a wide variety of dog breeds the trainers at Paws2Think have acquired a large variety of training methods and skills which can be used to guide dog owners to success on the Good Citizen courses.

Up to January 2010, 297 dogs have enrolled for the Bronze Course and 195 have achieved the required standard, a pass rate of 65%. The 35% who do not get to the required standard are those who attend only a few weeks of our courses, for whatever reason, and those who attend most but who are unavailable or unwilling to take the required test. The pass rate for those who do take the test is over 95%. Figures for the Puppy Foundation course are similar although it is a continuous assessment course with no formal test.