Our Bronze Course usually encompasses two types of owner, firstly those who have decided to continue training their dog after a successful puppy course and secondly those with a dog too old or large to be considered a puppy. The latter are usually dog owners who have limited experience of dogs and are seeking advice on and help with one or a variety of common dog behavioural problems.

The common problems such as not coming back when called, pulling on the lead and general misbehaviour along with other related behaviours are all addressed in this course by the progressive teaching of a series of practical control and socialisation exercises.

Class sizes are limited in size and are rarely greater than fifteen dogs. This, along with more than one experienced trainer at hand, allows time to be found for small group training in certain exercises.

After ten weeks training an appointed independent examiner judges all test participants and any dog which passes all ten criteria for the award which, amongst other things covers walking and behaving in a controlled manner on a loose lead, staying in one place under command, coming back when called and allowing its owner to groom and inspect it, will be awarded a signed Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizens Certificate and rosette.

The official Kennel Club sheet of the Bronze course details can be downloaded from our Contact Us section.