In essence the Silver Award further builds on the abilities and skills that handlers and their dogs have learnt during the previous awards. In reality most handlers successful in the Bronze course feel that they have achieved all that they want to with their dogs and decide that this class is not for them. In contrast a few “get the bug” for training and decide to progress. This means that Silver classes contain fewer dogs thus allowing greater personal instruction from one of our trainers.

To be successful in this more advanced training both owner and dog need to be mutually motivated and constructive play training along with the correct use of food become important aspects in the teaching of this course.

The award itself expands the Bronze basic training to road walking in town, staying in one place for longer, more formal control in recall exercises and the introduction of greater distractions during training.

The course lasts for ten training weeks with an extra week to take the examination if deemed to be ready. Judging by an external examiner in the ten sections of this award determines success and the receipt of a Good Citizens Silver certificate and Silver Kennel Club dog tag.

The official Kennel Club sheet of the Silver course details can be downloaded from our Contact Us section.