Puppy Foundation

The puppy class is first and foremost a chance for the puppies and their owners to socialise with others. It is very important that puppies from as an early age as possible are in contact with other puppies in a controlled environment. In this way they learn to play, interact and learn the body signals and scents of their own and other larger or smaller breeds of dog. Similarly they can gain confidence with a variety of people and situations.

In the class we teach the handlers how to get their puppies to sit and stay and to lie down and stay on command, how to get them to pay attention and come back to you when called and also how to walk properly on a lead without pulling or lagging behind. Owners are always encouraged to praise and reward for the correct behaviour during training.

An important part of the course is to show the handlers how to examine their dogs from teeth, ears and eyes right down to their paws. This is an important part of the training and is invaluable when you and your puppy have to take a trip to the vet. We encourage handlers to groom their puppy and whilst doing so, make sure they can handle every part of the dog without any problems.

Lastly but with equal importance we encourage handlers to play with their puppies and build a strong bond which ultimately will make the dogs and owners life together more enjoyable and rewarding.

The course lasts for ten weeks and at the end, providing that you can demonstrate all the above to a reasonable level, the handler will receive a certificate and rosette. After completion of this course the handler and dog may decide to move onto the next level of the Good Citizens Scheme which is the Bronze Award.

The official Kennel Club sheet of the Puppy Foundation course details can be downloaded from our Contact Us section.